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About Home Appliances Sales Service & Installation in noida
We have been giving sales service throughout the country for the previous 15 years. We have served our customers with qualified specialists, with help and certainty by our clients we are the best repair and service provider. We provide door step and same day service once you book online. We give items and service at sensible costs alongside great administration. We anticipate our clients for any issue identified with any brand any place at your advantageous time our items are marked and confirmed concurring
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Customer Reviews
1.4 - 10 reviews
Kirit Chauhan

I have purchase Apex Gas Gezer six months back and i have spent around Rs. 2500/- for its repairing inspite of under Warranty. Appex is one of the worst brand. I strongly not recommending to buy any Apex Brand products. Service is very very poor. You need to do lot of follow ups for calling service engineer. If you need peace of mind, do not buy any product of Apex Brand.


I bought a stabiliser in aug 2020, that works well only in 2 months and next month totally is not working, i raised a complaint to the shop who send a technician for checking our stabiliser and he says it has some problem then he got to theshop for repairing process but from the shop has not given any reply about details till a month, after some days he send a technician to give the stabiliser at the same condition but he says its new produvt, ur old product use to replace this new priduct, after a month that problem is cotinuer so i suggest only one to the purchasers, plz plzzz dont buy this ifb product


We had requested IFB washing machine repair through this site. The vendor came to service and damaged the wiring. and there is no way to adderess this organization as they are just doing routing job and no repsonsibilty or process they have whether the problem sorted or not . this accountability is not taken. you have to depend solely on the vendor whoever comes for service than this portal. kinldy refrain from taking service from this portal.


Horrible servicing and customer support, it's a scam they will loot your money. Charged 6500 for a partial ac installation with no bills and just fake charges


Aditya Mukerji

Most fraudulent site and associates. Avoid at all cost

Aditya Mukerji

Most fraudulent site and associates. Avoid at all cost

Rocky Agarwal

K-care kitchen, 97, 10th cross hmt layout mathikere, 560054, 9916581530, we have taken service from above vendor, but he has changed the switch of hgas stove but its not working, this vendor is worst as he doesn't pick the call and my gas stove is not at all working

Priya Surana

I had purchased a 60RCSS OTG 6 months back and have already called for service 4 times. Maybe I've received a defected product. And thanks to your executive since he got angry as I was rude because he isn't doing his work properly, he had made dents in my OTG and now my OTG doesn't even heat up to 100 degrees . I meed a solution to this

G B Nayak

Customer last priority

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